Research & Development

Vacuum is at the heart of research and development, in pioneering fields such as high energy physics and space simulation; and at grass roots level, where we foster experimentation in the laboratories of schools and universities.

At Edwards we create vacuum equipment to meet these exacting demands, through off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions; from initial advice through to implementation and support, we deliver safe, stable vacuum environments that keep up with the complex and evolving demands on both analysis and discovery.

As the market leader in vacuum technology we can offer a complete range of vacuum pumps and gauges from atmosphere to ultra-high vacuum. Our range of both dry and oil sealed primary pumps have become the industry standard due to their high reliability, performance capabilities and serviceability.

For applications requiring high vacuum our comprehensive range of hybrid bearing and maglev turbomolecular pumps will provide pumping speeds from 47 to 4300 ls-1. In applications involving UHV and XHV we offer a range of capture ion pumps achieving pressures of 10-11 mbar or lower.


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