E2M18 Oil Sealed Pump

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The EM range of oil-sealed rotary pumps - renowned for its high ultimate vacuum, rapid pumping speed, quiet operation and ability to handle vapor - has become the industry standard for industry and laboratory applications.

The Edwards E2M18 Rotary Vane Pump is a vacuum pump that has a pressurized oil system that lubricates the pump shaft bearing surfaces and rotor sealing faces. The pump has an oil distribution valve which prevents discharge of oil to the pump interior (suck back) after the pump stops. The pumping chambers are air-tight, so this arrangement prevents oil suck back unless the gas ballast valve is open.

The E2M18 pump is direct drive, sliding vane pump. The pump is oil sealed and designed for reliable, long-term operation. The pump is a freestanding unit with the drive provided through a flexible coupling by either a single-phase or three-phase motor.

Features & Benefits

  • The pump is designed for reliable, long term operation.
  • Thermal overload device prevents overheating (single phase only).
  • The drive is provided through a flexible coupling by a single phase or three phase (four pole) motor.
  • The motors are totally enclosed and are cooled by the motor cooling fan.
  • Full height O ring sealed oil sight glass for easy checking of oil level and condition.
  • Large sight glass and operating oil range.
  • IE3 energy efficient 3 phase motor used with E2M28.


  • Analytical instruments - LCMS
  • Automotive
  • Beam lines and high energy physics
  • Centrifuges, ultra-high speed


Technical Data


50Hz m3h-1 / ft3min-1 20.5 / 12.1

60Hz m3h-1 / ft3min-1 25.0/ 14.7

Speed (Pneurop 6602)

50Hz m3h-1 / ft3min-1 17.0/ 10

60Hz m3h-1 / ft3min-1 20.4/ 12.1

Ultimate vacuum (total pressure)

without gas purge mbar/ Torr 1 x 10-3/ 7.4 x 10-4

with gas purge mbar/ Torr 1.5 x 10-1/ 1.1 x 10-2

with Fomblin® mbar/ Torr 1 x 10-2/ 7.5 x 10-3

Inlet connection NW25 Outlet connection* Nozzle 15 mm external Ø removable from 3/4 in BSP tapped hole

Max permitted pressure at outlet bar gauge/ psig 0.5/ 7

Max inlet pressure for water vapour mbar/ Torr 20/ 15

Max water vapour pumping rate kg h-1 0.3

Operating temp range 13 - 40°C

Nominal Rotation speed 50/60Hz rpm 1440 / 1720 rpm

Power connector 1-ph** IEC EN60320 C19

Motor power 50 Hz kW 0.55 kW

Motor power 60 Hz kW 0.75 kW

Weight kg/ lbs 39/ 86

Noise @ 50Hz 57 dB(A)

Oil capacity - max litre 1.05

Oil capacity - min litre 0.75

Recommended oil (supplied) Ultragrade 19


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